Mother of the Month

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About 12 years ago, by now a recognized XTERRA champion, magazine reporters began to call for interviews. “One morning after a large cup of coffee, answering the telephone yielded a two hour interview. Each month, spotlights a mother who inspires and moves them, someone who embodies special qualities that we all admire in a person, a woman and a … Read More

Around the World Xterra Style

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Last June, I boarded an early morning international flight from San Francisco to Prague. Five weeks later, in mid-August I boarded another early morning international flight from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada. And three weeks after this, on September 11th of all days, I boarded the same early morning international flight that I took in June, to travel from San … Read More

It’s Never Too Late

Barbara Edelston Peterson and daughters

Seven years ago, upon turning 40, life took a turn into uncharted territory. My first book was published! My babies had grown into young girls who were involved with sports, school and friends. My husband and I were closer than ever, enjoying more independence which basically meant more time together on our mountain bikes (we met mountain bike racing in … Read More

Bikram for Body, Bikram for Life

Project Be Moved - Supporting Champion Quests

Equal and Spontaneous There may not be a stiffer person than I at Funky Door Yoga in Berkeley, California. I used to do yoga back east when I was 16 years old. Back then, the class met each morning in the center of a green pasture. I vividly remember meditating upon a yellow dandelion before Salute to the Sun, and … Read More


Project Be Moved - Barbara Edelston Peterson - XTERRA

My 20-Year Mountain Bike Ride from Whiskeytown to Wailea The crow would have to fly close to 3,000 miles to cover the distance between Whiskeytown, California and Wailea, Hawaii. For me, this vast and wonderful territory of land and sea measures 20 years of a most exciting and rewarding life. In 1983, I was 27 and lived in a tiny … Read More

Personal Best

Lululemon Ambassador photo shoot

Being a mom was all I ever wanted. It would converge all that mattered most to me: loving and being loved, needing and being needed, teaching and learning, striving and leading. When I finally had my own children, I was smitten, overflowing with love and pride, eager to nourish them forever. In Yiddish, this is kveling. I’m the queen of … Read More

Barbara Peterson’s Comeback at XTERRA World Championships 2011

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Here is a repost of a MAUI MOMENTS blog post by Richard Castello. Continuing on with activities at the post race awards dinner, I found myself to be quite entertained by some of the emotions and celebrations, by many of the racers who paid visit to the podium atop the stage. As they started presenting winners, beginning from the oldest first … Read More