Fat for Fuel, Wellness, and Happiness

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One of the most significant and profound changes that you can make in terms of improving your over all health and feeling of well being, is to make sure that your diet is rich in healthful saturated fats. Our brains are made up mostly of fats, and we need to eat fat in order to keep our brains healthy!  When … Read More

Reduce Inflammation with Turmeric

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Waiting on line at the Berkeley Post Office watching hundreds of the same size box being stamped and processed, I couldn’t resist asking the two young guys racing between their truck and the postal window carrying a load each trip, “What’s in the boxes – you’ve got lots of customers!” That’s how I was introduced to the virtues of Turmeric, … Read More

What Is Inflammation and Why Does It Matter?

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Inflammation is an essential function of your body’s immune response, but even a little too much inflammation can cause you health problems. You don’t have to have pain or swelling in your body to have too much inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and stress, hurdles many of us deal with on a day-to-day basis. Inflammation Can Be … Read More