Foreste + Hils Designworks

‘Foreste’ and ‘Hils’ are the names of Barbara’s daughters who 17 years ago while stringing pasta, paper chains, and wooden beads, inspired their mother’s creative energy and entrepreneurial talents, prompting a worldwide enterprise filled with passion for extraordinary jewelry design.

Foreste + Hils Designworks enjoys an international reputation for one-of-a-kind jewelry along with other design concepts including swimwear, hair accessories, notecards, and painted jeans. Barbara Edelston Peterson’s work is uniquely customized with meticulous finish work, and sold throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.


Foreste + Hils jewelry is designed by Barbara Edelston Peterson. The Collections: Medicine Woman, Signature, Hanalei Pearls, Wilderness Stones, Namaste Gems, Maya, consist of a wide range of the highest quality stones, metals, pearls, and gems.

Barbara’s mix of elements and color commands appeal for casual and elegant styles. Exceptional tones and cuts of turquoise, unusual Tibetan sterling silver and 22k gold, sparkling emeralds, rubies, sapphires, rough diamonds, agate, opals, lustrous pearls, and delicately faceted semi-precious gems: peridot, citrine, amethyst, carnelian, chrysoprase, and garnet pervade her work.

If you see a design you like and would like to customize it for yourself or for a gift, please contact Barbara Edelston Peterson by email or telephone.

“Throughout history and around the world in many cultures, adornment has played a significant role in sharing spirituality, beauty, personal empowerment, culture, romance, worship, art and nature. At Foreste + Hils Designworks, we value the history and power of adornment. We see our work as unique opportunity for women and men to empower themselves with one-of-a-kind pieces of art.” — Barbara Edelston Peterson, Founder and Chief Designer

(Re)Foreste & Hils

In 2016, we added a new arm of Foreste + Hils Designworks: ReForeste + Hils Designworks encourages the revival of unworn jewelry. Why let beautiful jewels sit in a drawer or hang from a hook, never to be worn again?

The Foreste + Hils design studio welcomes your unworn pieces and together in personal ‘sessions’ or you can leave the re-designing to us, and we’ll explore all new possibilities by re-styling, re-mixing, re-combining colors, materials, lengths—to re-excite the beauty!

“Be adorned. Be empowered!”


Reaching out by notecard enriches people’s lives – for each sender and receiver. As part of the Foreste + Hils Designworks ethos which is to promote beauty and empowerment worldwide, we think our one-of-a-kind notecard collections offer one-of-a-kind messages.

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